We are a bicycle workshop in Bradford, providing affordable servicing and re-cycled bikes for adults and children. text us 07835 840 989

We also do repairs and safety checks, and are available for friendly advice.


Children’s bikes start from £15, teenage and small adult bikes are mostly £30-£50, and we have a good range of adult bikes at £40-£60, and some special (and more expensive) options too. The price on the bike is the final  price you pay, we only charge more if you require new, different or non standard parts fitting.

At present most of the bikes require attention, any faults you may see will be rectified before leaving the workshop. Hopefully we can have the bike ready for the next day, If you call in early enough we could get it ready the same day. However we do have some that are ready to ride away, it all depends on what you require

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Opening times

Due to other work commitments we can only open on   Saturdays 12 – 5pm.

If you need to come in at some other time, please  get in touch , and we can find a time when our mechanics are available. It is best to TEXT, If we are available we will reply ASAP.  We are often in through the week, but cannot guarantee  to say that we are open.


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