We have a wide selection of bikes to choose from, all generously donated.
A few of these are ready to go right away, but most need a bit of care and attention – if you choose a bike, we will ask for deposit and take a few days to check it thoroughly to ensure it is going to be safe and fun to ride.

If you have a bike you want to donate, we can make good use of it!

Some bikes are listed on our Facebook page, but generally we recommend you come in an have a look around.
If you are shopping for a bike for a child, it’s best to bring them in with you; but if that’s not possible we can usually get a good size from an inner leg measurement.

Please note: We currently only accept cash.


We are happy to give you a recommendation or quote for work you need doing on a bike you own.

All parts we have available come with free fitting, and we can fit parts you bring for around £5 – £10, depending on the complexity.

If you are already paying for work on a bike, we can do a free safety check and recommendation of further work on that bike, upon request.

Safety checks on their own, where no additional work is necessary cost a flat fee of £10.

Other prices are as follows:

Brake service (excluding replacement cables, blocks etc) – £10
Gear service (excluding any required replacement parts) – £10
Bottom bracket service – £10 (replacement bottom brackets range from £4 – £15)
Headset service (inc bearings & grease, exc other parts) – £10
Wheel truing  – £5 per wheel
Hub servicing – £5 per wheel
Hydraulic brake service (inc fluid, exc other parts) – £20

We reserve the right to ask for the full price of the service up front.
Sales and services may be subject to a storage charge of £5 per week if left more than 2 weeks after completion.